Cat Box Cabinets

Espresso with NEW Flat Panels

Red Mahogany

Red Mahogany

Small Cabinet in Espresso

Small with hinged lid open.

White Stain

Larger size fits LitterMaid

Golden Oak - XL Single

Ebony Stain - Double

Ebony Stain

Red Mahogany

Black Cherry


Golden Oak

Golden Oak and White Stain

Made by cat owners for cat owners!

TiO2 BlueWave brings you their patent pending BlueWave technology for a fresh, odor free cat litter box.

Made in America. Fully assembled so it will last for years. This is NOT a cheap MDF flat pack you have to assemble yourself, this is a quality hand made piece of wood furniture with BlueWave Technology.

Cat boxes do not have to be ugly and smelly. Now you can have your kitty litter box in any room, with this quality cat box furniture.

How does BlueWave Technology work?

  • BlueWave Technology destroys odors at a molecular level.
  • The technology has NO odor of its own. It does not mask odors with a scent, it destroys them.
  • 90% reduction in odors.
  • The wood and plastic tray is treated with our TiO2 coating and is 100% safe for pets and children.
  • The coating will NEVER wear out as it works as a catalyst with the bluewave light source acting as an oxidizer unlike carbon which absorbs odor until its saturated.
  • TiO2 BlueWave Technology destroys at the same rate as carbon but our products have a surface area at least 30 times larger than most cat tray carbon filters.
  • Our BlueWave light spectrum generates no heat and is safe for pets and children.
  • The Bluewave light needs to run continuously to activate the TiO2 coating. Average running cost is less than $1 per year and is guaranteed for 10 years.
  • Plastic absorbs odor. This is why even a clean litter box still smells. Our coated tray stops this happening.
  • Don't spend another dollar on carbon filters or plugin air fresheners.
  • Keep rooms looking nice with this hidden cat litter box.
  • Better than a self cleaning cat litter box because there are no moving parts to break.
  • This is the best cat litter box you will find.

Available exclusively from TiO2 BlueWave Technology!

Please allow 8 weeks for delivery as this item is custom made.


Small Cabinet:

Size of cabinet: 24"L x 18"H x 17"W
Interior dimensions: 20"L x 16"H x 15"W

This cabinet has no doors on the front and comes with a hinged lid only.

Only $199.95 + $49.95 Shipping 


NEW: Hinged lids are available for any cabinet for an additional $40.

Please note: All dimensions are approximate.

Standard Cabinet:

Size of cabinet: 30"L x 23"H x 18½"W
Interior dimensions: 27½"L x 18½"H x 17"W

Only $289.95 + $69.95 Shipping

Lid Type

Large Cabinet:
(Fits LitterMaid Box)

Size of cabinet: 33½"L x 23"H x 20"W
Interior dimensions: 31"L x 18½"H x 18½"W

 Only $309.95 + $84.95 Shipping

Lid Type

XL Single or Double Sided Cabinet* :
*Holds 2 cat trays with an opening on each side and a divider.

Size of cabinet: 35"L x 23"H x 21"W
Interior dimensions: 32"L x 18½"H x 19"W

 Only $329.95 + $94.95 Shipping

Lid Type
Single or Double

Custom sizes available. Please submit contact form for info and quotes.

Custom sizes available

Custom 38" Long Cabinet with Shelf - Ebony Stain

Custom Huge Cabinet with Cat Silhouette Opening - Ebony Stain

Ebony Stain - Divided for storage


Golden Oak

It is dog-proof, too!

Red Mahogany and Black Cherry


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